The price is agreed between the customer and the climbing instructor before the activity.

Recommended prices :

590 CHF / full day
390 CHF / half-day
100 CHF / hour
650 CHF / full day for certification courses

Rates may be adjusted according to length of commitment, duration of climb, difficulty, conditions, number of people, seasonal load. Costs are borne by the customer.

In addition, special provisions apply in the event of multi-day commitments, interruption of the program due to bad weather, non-fulfillment of the commitment by the customer, or for the climbing instructor’s travel days. It is important that these points are clarified when a commitment is made. A short written confirmation of the assignment helps to avoid misunderstandings.

It is important that these points are clarified when an engagement is agreed.

ASPE accepts no responsibility for the organization and management of published races. The organizers (individuals and/or companies) are solely responsible!

Published prices are non-contractual and subject to change without notice.