Climbing has brought me so much from a personal point of view that today I have the pleasure of transmitting this passion.

It led me to travel the world. From cultural encounters to discovering corners of nature of rare beauty, it also makes me travel internally, to the construction of my personality.

I obtained his federal patent in 2012 and started my own business in 2014 by creating, a climbing agency.

Always looking for new tools to transmit climbing, I continue to train myself: Warrior’s Way Trainer, FSEA certificate, J+S expert, CIME expert and currently in training to become an instructor of the Caruso method.’s offer includes yoga-climbing weekends, mental preparation courses and weekly courses on technique.

In addition, I teach climbing to students in physical education and sports at the University of Lausanne.

Calm by nature, it seems that I am very appreciated in these highly emotional activities 😉

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SVEB Certificate

Y+S expert